Thursday, February 25, 2016

Website Crush Wednesday: SimpleK12

Last week, someone Tweeted an article with the headline:

Adapt, or else. Anyone who has taught for a few years is familiar with this concept. Yes, teachers are the ultimate adapters but sometimes we need help keeping up with the changes. One way you can keep up with the latest technology and resources is through professional development. But, we all have busy lives and schedules, so it's difficult to come early or stay after school for professional development. With SimpleK12, you can get all the PD you want, in your pajamas. 

SimpleK12 provides live and on-demand webinars, and shared resources, on a variety of topics such as Digital Citizenship, Office 365, Social Media, STEM, etc. Sign-up to attend a live webinar, watch previously recorded sessions, or browse the Shared Resources section for tons of great stuff you can use in your classroom. There's also a Teacher Forum where you can connect with teachers from all over the world.

If you're feeling left behind, want to keep up with the latest and greatest technology, or just enjoy learning, SimpleK12 can help. And it's at no cost to you! The district has paid for your subscription so take advantage of it. Let me know if you need help getting started. 

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